1st Quarter 2021 Benefits Corner

Benefits Corner 

By Bill Dodge, CRA Benefits Chair

Bill Dodge


Included in this article:

  • Information (PBI); Retirement Experience Survey
  • Web Links with Helpful COVID-19 Vaccine Information for You and Your Family; Pension Benefit



Web Links with Helpful COVID-19 Vaccine Information for You and Your Family

NOTE: As with other personal health questions you may have, it is always best to discuss such concerns with your personal physician. Content source: National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD)Division of Viral Diseases;

Pension Benefit Information (PBI)

In late 2019 Chevron engaged Pension Benefit Information LLC (PBI) through the new plan administrator for the Human Resources Service Center (HRSC), which it is now Willis Towers Watson, to perform address searches via correspondence mailed to certain Chevron retirees. Due to compliance requirements and Chevron’s fiduciary responsibility, there is an emphasis on trying to locate lost participants including bad address searches. It is understandable that retirees may be cautious upon receipt of these letters, especially with scams happening. Further, the PBI letters do not include information about HRSC because it would bypass the PBI process. This does not prevent the retiree from calling the HRSC and inquire about the PBI letter and update their address at that time. The objective remains to achieve the goal of getting good retiree addresses for the Chevron‘s pension benefit database.

Retirement Experience Survey

Chevron plans to launch a retirement experience survey early in 2021 with the purpose of gathering feedback from retirement eligible employees leaving the company starting in December, 2020.  This survey will inquire about 1) the clarity of the retirement information available online or that the retiree received when they left Chevron and, 2) if applicable, their experience with starting retirement benefits (pension and/or health and welfare). The survey refers to both items collectively as the retirement experience. This survey will be available to those retirees leaving starting late 2020, and will be sent to their personal email addresses.