Health and Wellness Resources

How Safe is Your Hospital
Some due diligence tips on your hospital

Excessive Drug Prices and Drugs No Longer Covered
Tips on negotiating drug prices and dealing with insurance coverage

Hearing – Tips and Helpful Information Guide
Tips on hearing loss and hearing aids


CRA Medical Insurance Report
An August 2016 assessment of the state of health insurance

Impact of ACA on Physicians and Hospitals
An April 2014 assessment of the impact of the ACA on physicians and hospitals

Beware of Outpatient Observation
A February 2014 alert on undesirable Medicare treatment

ACA - Health Insurance Marketplace - An October 2013 review of the ACA's Health Insurance Marketplace

Seniors' Planning Resources

Advanced Care Planning
A guide for planning our current and future needs.

Personal Planning Worksheet  
This fillable PDF is a "must have" document, which includes;
the "Survivor's Action Checklist" (Pages 9 and 10)
(Updated 2/17/22)

IRA tips
Age 70-1/2 RMD Alternatives
Who is your Beneficiary?

The Widow Trap
A real estate tip for the recently widowed
Community Property States