In The Current Issue (Q32018)

President's Letter

The CRA President, Kathy Henschel, announces the Passing of our past CRA President, Bob Ohmstead.  Bob served CRA with distinction in various capacities. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family", states Kathy. The Annual meeting was held May 20-22 in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Mike Wirth, Chevron's CEO, gave the Keynote Address at the meeting.  From the Benefits aspect be sure to read Lezley's Benefits Corner and please be on the Alert for your new Medicare Cards to be mailed out this year and next.  Lezley Barth is stepping down and will be replaced by an Interim Chair, John Dewes  Jerry Lehr has been elected as Area VP South Texas Area Chapter replacing Steve Ohnimus. Steve is recuperating making gradual progress on his way to recovery.  The CRA Fellowship Program participants joined us at the Annual meeting and have agreed to participate at the National level.  Please let Kathy know of any candidates for the Public Services Awards for next year.

Chevron News Briefs

Argentine Appeals Court Rejects Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgement Against Chevron

ADVISORY: Chevron Corporations 2Q 2018 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast 

Chevron Announces Strong Performance at Annual Stockholders Meeting         

Featured Articles

Mr. Mike Wirth's Keynote Address at the Annual Meeting held in San Antonio, Texas is featured.  Mr Wirth's speech was encouraging and informative.  Mike has a long history with Chevron and has contributed to many facets of the Corporation.

Advocates in Action Profile this issue features Jack Christiansen who has being active in helping the Chevron Advocate Network (CAN). Jack has had an interesting past and continues as a mentor to early career workforce through the Petroleum Technologies Initiative (PTI) which Jack established in 2007.

A letter of encouragement from the Chevron Advocacy Network to retirees to consider joining CAN to help support Chevron and their public affairs.

          Benefits Corner

Benefits Chair Lezley Barth gives a clue to a few things that can save you money,  Identity Theft is discussed in detail and gives ideas of how one can protect themselves in this issue.  Reminding us of services provided to CRA members from Hear in America for hearing loss and GoodRx for help with the pharmacy cost as we age.

In Memoriam

The "In Memoriam" section reports recent retiree deaths reported by HR and links to a searchable database of deceased retirees.

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