Tidbits is a bi-monthly news compendium targeted at chapter newsletter editors.  It is a collection of articles, excerpts, and items of interest taken from Chevron news releases and other media sources.

This March 2019 issue includes the following articles:

  • Chevron's Outlines Strategy for Disciplined Growth and Higher Returns
  • Chevron Announces Senior Leadership Appointments
  • Chevron Partners with Catalyst to Enhance Gender Equality
  • Chevron Technology Ventures Awards Technology Pioneers
  • Chevron Issues Update to Climate Report for Investors

We always try to provide a little humor on the last page. This month, in a nod to the many engineering specialties at Chevron, we focus on the medical specialties approach to building the Wall, and gender based strategic planning.

The current issue is available in two digital formats:

Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format (Microsoft Word)