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Chevron offers one-to-one matching for your financial contributions to eligible non-profits (must be 501c3 Qualified) - up to $3,000 per retiree annually. Retirees can request a corporate match for cash, check, credit card or stock contribution to a non-profit through direct giving. A one-time gift made directly to a recipient organization must be at least $20 to qualify for Chevron Humankind matching funds.


Chevron is committed to volunteerism as a way for retirees to provide hands-on support for their communities. Retirees can request a $500 grant after you volunteer 20 hours with a single non-profit of your choice and another $500 after 40 hours of time, for a total of $1,000 per year.

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Email or call +1 (866) 751-6031.


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