Below, listed in number sequence, are the forms used by the CRA.  A link to an overview of the CRA forms is in the right panel.   All of the CRA forms are in an Interactive PDF format.   You will need to download the form and then use Adobe Reader to successfully open and fill these forms. For your convenience, we have included a link to obtain Adobe Reader, also in the right panel.   A tutorial showing the steps to download a blank form may also be accessed in the right panel.

Open the downloaded blank form from the place where you saved it.  When the form opens, place your cursor in the first shaded box and enter your information; continuing until you have completed your entries.  You can print the completed form and/or save a copy before distributing. 

Name and save the filled form as you would any other document.  Please delete the blank form from the Desktop or your Downloads folder to ensure that you always submit the current form.. 

The Master File of all CRA forms is maintained by the CRA Secretary.


CRA 124 - Membership Solicitation

CRA 125 - Chapter Dues Transmittal AND Annual
                   "1st yr Free" Member Report - 7-1-15

CRA 126 - Chapter '1st Year Free' New Member Worksheet

CRA 150 - Local Printing and Mailing of ENCORE

CRA 165 - 2024 Expense Report

CRA 200 - Report of Chapter Officers

CRA 210 - 2024 Annual-Meeting-Proxy

CRA 220 - Public Service Award

CRA 260 - Leadership Experience Record

CRA 300 - Social Group Leadership


CRA Forms: Overview & Purpose {PDF}

How to Download a Blank Form  (PDF)


This web site contains PDF documents that require Adobe Reader to fill, submit, and save. Click the link below to install the latest version.