Effective May 31, 2017, the website that supports Chevron Humankind transitioned to a new version.  You will notice a new "look and feel" to the site.  Rest assured that the  functionality of the previous website has been retained.

Once you have logged in using your existing User ID and password, you will be able to access key functionality as follows:

  • To request an offline matching grant, click on the "Give and Match" box.
  • To apply for a volunteer grant, log your hours by clicking on the blue "Log Hours" button.

Complete documentation of the new site can be found in the sidebar.

To continue on to the new Chevron Humankind page, click here or on the "Visit Chevron Humankind" link at the right.

For further support, email chevron-support@yourcause.com or call +1 (866) 751-6031.


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